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Payment Methods

At the moment, we only accept Card payments at the checkout. All payments made on our website are securely processed by Stripe. If you wish to use a different payment method, please create a ticket on Discord. If you wish to use PayPal, you can find the same packs available on our Etsy store:


Are the Car Packs Optimized?

Yes! All of our Car Packs are optimized. Optimization in this context relates to the vehicle textures. Optimizing the textures involves a process of refining and reducing their size while maintaining an acceptable level of visual quality. In this case, an optimized car pack would typically include vehicle textures that are approximately 32 MiB in size, with some variation of around ±10 MiB.

The aim of this optimization is to strike a balance between visual fidelity, server performance, and removing the red text in your console about "oversized vehicle textures". By reducing the size of the textures, the car pack helps minimize the demand on system resources, such as memory and processing power. This optimization allows the vehicles to be rendered smoothly and efficiently within the game, ensuring a more enjoyable gameplay experience for the players without getting texture loss from loading too many custom vehicles.

Are the Car Packs CFX locked?

No! The Car Packs are not locked or encrypted, feel free to edit them as you please and keep them forever!

Are the Scripts locked/encrypted?

No! The scripts are not locked or encrypted in any way, all of our scripts are open source so that you have the possibility to edit them for your server needs.

Can I use cars in GTA Online?

Entering Online Mode with modified game files is not possible as per Rockstar's guidelines and restrictions.

Can I use the cars in GTA Singleplayer?

Most of our Cars and Car Packs only come ready for FiveM, but you can also install them in Singleplayer with a tool like this. (Only on PC)

Can I use the custom cars on a console?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to install car mods on a console due to the limitations imposed by the console manufacturer and game developers. Console systems are designed to prevent users from modifying game files, including adding or altering vehicle models. These restrictions are in place to ensure fair and secure gameplay experiences for all console users. As a result, car mods, which involve modifying game files, are not supported on consoles.

How can I install the Car Packs on my FiveM Server?

To install the pack on your server, you can follow our tutorial.

If you intend to install the pack on a local server, you can skip the third step mentioned in the tutorial. Instead, simply drag the extracted folder into your resources folder.

What if I still have questions?

If you require further assistance or have additional questions, we invite you to join our Discord.

Then you can create a ticket in the 🎫︱create-a-ticket channel.

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