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Tow Car Script [Standalone, ESX, QB]

Tow Car Script [Standalone, ESX, QB]

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This is a FiveM Tow Script ready for any mechanic/tow job or civilians! With the Tow Script, you can easily attach vehicles to trailers or other vehicles by pressing E or using the Automatic Attach Feature. The main script does not use anything framework related, so it will work on any framework including ESX and QB, however, a Job Whitelist is available for ESX and QB Core. The script is optimized to 0.00ms when not in use.


You can use 3 different ramp types - if your trailer already has a ramp as an extra or as an openable trunk, or if it does not have a ramp, you can use the ramp prop. If the vehicle you need to get on the trailer is not driveable, there is also a winch included in the script which you can use to winch a vehicle up or down.

Script Features:

Disclaimer: Included in your purchase is a text file, which has the download links for the script and Ramp Editor tool, as well as the installation instructions and tutorial.



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