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Vanilla handling.meta | 700+ Vehicles

Vanilla handling.meta | 700+ Vehicles

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Stream custom vanilla car handling.meta's easily on your FiveM server with this resource!

This resource includes the default handling.meta and vehicles.meta parameters for 700+ vehicles, separated in a folder for every vehicle.

All vehicles have their own separate handling.meta and vehicles.meta with the original parameters.

Note that you are not able to stream custom vehicles.meta due to FiveM limitations, however, you are able to use the Automatic Handling Editor to edit the handlings automatically per vehicle class, which is defined in the vehicles.meta.

Resource structure:

  • 📁DLVanillaSpeeds
    • 📁 data
      • 📁 adder
        • 📃 handling.meta
        • 📃 vehicles.meta
      • 📁 banshee
        • 📃 handling.meta
        • 📃 vehicles.meta
    • 📃 fxmanifest.lua


Release Date: June 27, 2024
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