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Tuner Laptop Script [ESX]

Tuner Laptop Script [ESX]

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FiveM Tuner Laptop Script for the ESX framework.
This script uses the ESX menu for navigation.

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• Optimized 0.00ms-0.01ms
• Tutorial and Rules page UI
• Engine Sound Swap (Client Side only)
• Police Underglow flashing Red and Blue
• RGB Underglow (Smooth)
• Drift Mode! Turn any whitelisted class car in to a drift vehicle
• Changeable suspension height

Please note, that the Engine Sound Swap only works for the client using it. Some Custom Engine sounds are included. Other players will hear the default engine sound of the car. This engine swap option is only meant for testing many different engine sounds on a vehicle, to choose the best one. For everyone on the server to be able to hear a custom engine sound, you have to change the vehicles.meta of your car.


Release Date: January 26, 2023
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