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EMS Debadged Car Pack | 11 Vehicles | Templates

EMS Debadged Car Pack | 11 Vehicles | Templates

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The FiveM EMS Debadged Car Pack pack features 11 custom non-ELS EMS vehicles for you FiveM server in a single resource.  All vehicles are debadged. Templates for custom liveries are included.

The pack includes 10 EMS cars and an EMS bike! The purchase grants a text file with the download link, vehicle spawn names and install instructions. The textures are optimized to keep vehicle .ytd's ~32MiB with high quality 4K liveries. Each vehicle comes with a realistic handling.

Vehicle list:

  1. Debadged BMW M7
  2. Debadged BMW M5
  3. Debadged BMW X5
  4. Debadged Audi RS7
  5. Debadged Audi RS6
  6. Debadged Audi RSQ8
  7. Debadged Dodge RAM
  8. Debadged Dodge Ambulance
  9. Debadged Mercedes Ambulance
  10. Debadged Transit Ambulance
  11. Debadged Yamaha Bike


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