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Drift Zone V2 Script [Standalone, ESX, QB]

Drift Zone V2 Script [Standalone, ESX, QB]

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✅ ESX ✅ QB Core ✅ Standalone

FiveM Drift Zone Forza Horizon inspired script with 3 versions - Standalone, ESX, QB. ESX and QB versions can reward players with cash for points. Framework is changeable in config.
This is a drag-and-drop resource with many config options.


Adding more zones tutorial:


  • Drift Point Counter
  • 360's detection
  • 360's Point Reward UI
  • Discord Logs
  • Rewards (QB,ESX only)
  • Crash Detection
  • Add as many Drift Zones as you want
  • No database required (scores saved locally in script)
  • Easy to add new zones
  • Checkpoints
  • Exiting the zone detection
  • Not driving through checkpoints detection
  • Zone Names
  • Live Leaderboard
  • Notifications
  • Open source


If you have any questions, you can create a ticket on Discord!


Release Date: August 20, 2023
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