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Benefactor Vorschlaghammer Drift | Glow Lights | Tuning

Benefactor Vorschlaghammer Drift | Glow Lights | Tuning

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✅ Vanilla Lore-Friendly
✅ Low Poly - Under 300K
✅ Has Visual Tuning
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FiveM Custom Vanilla Benefactor Vorschlaghammer add-on car mod for FiveM with glowing lights. The mod is FiveM drag-and-drop ready with a drift handling and all 114 original Vorschlaghammer tuning options!

The vehicle has glowing body lights, the color can be changed as the interior/trim color.


  • Front Plate as Extra 1
  • Rear Plate as Extra 2
  • Glowing Lights
  • Drift Handling

Poly: 19k


Release Date: June 27, 2024
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