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Police Vanilla Pack | 22 Vehicles | Callsigns | Templates

Police Vanilla Pack | 22 Vehicles | Callsigns | Templates

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Light Color
✅ Vanilla Lore-Friendly
✅ Templates

FiveM ready Police Lore Friendly pack that features 22 Vanilla non-ELS Emergeny Service vehicles. All included vehicles are Add-On. Single drag-and-drop ready resource file with optimized textures (Under 32MiB) for better performance on FiveM, realistic handlings, changeable callsigns and 2K quality liveries with templates. The pack features 19 Vanilla Police Cars, 2 Vanilla Police Bikes and an ATV.

The pack also includes a FiveM Standalone script for changing the callsigns and callsign color, with the option of Job Whitelist for ESX and QB servers.

Vehicles included:

  1. Police Baller ST-D (baller8)
  2. Police Baller LE (baller7)
  3. Police Buffalo STX (buffalo4)
  4. Police Cavalcade XL (cavalcade3)
  5. Police Caracara 6x6 (caracara)
  6. Police Cinquemila (cinquemila)
  7. Police Comet S2 (comet6)
  8. Police Omnis e-GT (omnisegt)
  9. Police Contender (contender)
  10. Police Granger 3600LX (granger2)
  11. Police Jugular (jugular)
  12. Police Komoda (komoda)
  13. Police Manchez Scout C (manchez3)
  14. Police Outlaw (outlaw)
  15. Police Panto (panto)
  16. Police Rhinehart (rhinehart)
  17. Police Shinobi (shinobi)
  18. Police Landstalker XL (landstalker2)
  19. Police 10F Widebody (tenf2)
  20. Police Turismo Omaggio (turismo3)
  21. Police Vigero ZX (vigero2)
  22. Police V-STR (vstr)


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Release Date: December 31, 2023
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