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Electrician Job [ESX]

Electrician Job [ESX]

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GTA V Electrician Job script for ESX framework on FiveM.
The script is drag-and-drop, so everything will work right away!

- Discord Logs
- Custom UI minigames (2)
- 3 different kind of electric jobs - fixing fuses (UI), switching switches (UI), fixing lamp posts (with props and animations)
- Anti-bugging mechanisms in place
- Easy Config
- User Support
- Resmon 0.00 while not on duty
- 100 different job locations


Preview video:

To start working:
Go to the marked location on the map - "Electrician".
(The work location can be changed)
You will need to change in to the work clothes at the locker.
Clothes can be changed in config for male and female characters.
Once you are in your work clothes, you will be on-duty and a garage will appear.
In this garage, you take the provided work car, which then starts your first job.
There are 3 different kind of jobs - fixing fuses (UI), fixing switches (UI), fixing lamp posts.
The first job will never be fixing a light post, since that would be too close.
The UI jobs will mark you a random location on the map (locations are in config).
When you arrive, you will need to press E and it will open one of the two minigames UI (random).
If you complete it - a new job will be generated. If you fail - you will need to try again.
The chance to generate a lamp post job can be changed in config.
In the lamp job, you will need to take out a ladder from the car and go near light posts (light post props can be defined in config).
If a light post has a green circle around the bottom - it can be repaired.
You need to place the ladder, climb it and then start fixing it. It takes 6 seconds (config).
In total, you need to complete 13 jobs like this (can be changed in config).
In the config I have also provided about 100 job locations, mostly in Los Santos.
The 13 jobs take about 25-35 minutes, depending on how far away each job is generated.
Once you complete the 13th job, you need to return to the start location and return your work car.
When it is returned - you receive your pay (cash or bank can be changed in config) and the job count is reset to 0.
If you return the car without completing all 13 jobs, you will not receive any pay, but current completed job count is saved.
The default pay is 45k (can be changed in config).
If you want to continue working, you can take a new work car.
If you want to end working - you need to change back in to your regular clothes at the job locker.

Disclaimer: Only for FiveM ESX. Included in your download is a zip file with the script.


Release Date: April 21, 2023
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