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Übermacht Niobe | Glow Lights | Tuning

Übermacht Niobe | Glow Lights | Tuning

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✅ Vanilla Lore-Friendly
✅ Low Poly - Under 300K
✅ Has Visual Tuning
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FiveM Custom Vanilla Übermacht Niobe add-on car mod for FiveM with glowing lights. The mod is FiveM drag-and-drop ready with the vanilla handling and all 100 original Niobe tuning options!

The vehicle has glowing body lights, the color can be changed as the secondary color, and daytime running lights color can be changed as the interior/trim color.

Your server must have b2699 or higher to load the vehicle interior.

Poly: 90k


Release Date: June 27, 2024
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