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Custom 40 Engine Sound Pack

Custom 40 Engine Sound Pack

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Realistic Custom Engine Sounds for FiveM! This pack includes 44 custom engine sounds, which you can put on any car! Includes realistic sounds for BMW's, Audi's, Lamborghini's, Ford Mustang, Nissan R34 GT-R, Mazda RX7, Hellcat, Jaguar, Ferrari, Subaru, Toyota Supra Mk4 2JZ, V8, V10, V12, and many more! All sounds are in one resource file!


Disclaimer: Included in your purchase is a text file, which has the download link. Only meant for FiveM Server Owners/Admins. The sound pack can only be installed on server side by the server owner or admins as a resource, this is not a Client Side sound mod!

Release Date: November 24, 2023
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