Bugged Police Lights

If your emergency service vehicle has bugged lights (the lights are showing off of the vehicle), you can easily fix them by following the tutorial below. Please note, that with our packs this is not an issue with the car model. The lights are "bugged" because you've had a different police car with the same siren ID before, which is saved in your server cache.

First Method

The first method of fixing the issue is deleting your server cache. The most common cause of the light issue is from your server using a cached version of the siren ID.

To delete your server cache - stop the server, find the "cache" folder where your server is located (same folder where your "resources" folder is), then delete every subfolder inside it.

Once everything is deleted, you can start your server.

Second Method

If you do not want to delete your server cache or it does not fix the issue, you can follow the Second Method:

1. Open carvariations.meta

Find the model name in carvariations.meta, then look for the Siren ID. In this case 4577 is the Siren ID. Change it to a random number like 912758.

The recommended random value is 6-9 characters.

2. Open carcols.meta

In carcols.meta, look for the Siren ID. In the first step, we used 4577 as an example, so in this case we find 4577 and change it to the same number as in carvariations.meta - 912758.

3. Restart the server or resource

Finally, you will need to restart the server or the resource the vehicle is in for the changes to take effect.

That's it! Your lights should now work as intended.

If the issue persists, change the ID again or using the first method - deleting your server cache.